Making things better!

Against the Grain would not be possible without the support of partners, donations and volunteers...


Our Programme

We aim to get all our young people into formal employment or training at the end of an 18-month programme. We are currently recruiting for additional young people to join our team, if you are interested in talking to us about whether you would be eligible please get in touch.

Training is provided by experienced craftspeople who give young people the skills and confidence they need to design and create eclectic, creative furniture.

They’re being taught sewing, upholstery, paint application and finishing and woodwork. They are also gaining introductions to first-aid, health and safety and in the use of hazardous substances (COSHH), all of paramount importance in a workshop.

As the enterprise grows they will also develop skills in sales and marketing, supported and guided by experienced professionals.

We’ve already had lots of support from organisations such as Reading YMCA, local upholsterers Meredith Bowles and Sarah Barefield, the Rycotewood School of Furniture and Daisy’s Vintage Homeware to develop our first range of products.

Find out more about who we work with.

Make a donation

We are aiming to raise £20,000 through donations this year which will:

  • Supplement a modest income for young people to complete an 18-month programme
  • Provide tuition from experts
  • Pay for rented premises
  • Help to pay for tools and materials

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far. At the end of April we had raised £10,000 since the start of the programme!